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We are happy to special-order titles that we do not currently have on hand in the store. There is no extra charge for special orders, and you generally do not need to pre-pay.

Special orders will generally arrive within 7-10 days, often sooner, but occasionally a bit longer. If the special order is time sensitive, we can let you know if there's any expectation that it will take longer than the usual 7-10 days.

If you supply us with a phone number or email address, we will contact you immediately upon receiving your special order, and we will hold it for you behind the counter until you are able to come by the store to pick it up.

While we are not yet equipped to take special orders via Facebook, we can do so via phone (613-546-9799) or via email (

If you wish to make a special order, please have as much information as possible. While we are happy to try to research titles for you, if you have access to the title, author, and ISBN this greatly simplifies the special ordering process. Additional information (for example, if you prefer the cheapest available edition, hardcover vs. paperpack, etc.) is also definitely helpful and appreciated.

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